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Slaughtering, deboning and meat processing systems
Dest Italia, can be considered one of the most important companies in Italy and in the world for animal slaughtering and deboning systems and slaughterhouse machinery and accessories.
We are a reference point for all of those who decide to entrust Made in Italy, thanks to our slaughtering equipments and de-boning systems, and to our complete product range for international leading companies operating in the processing of meat.

We have divided the website into three processing sections: pigs, cattle and sheep.

By vising our website, you can also find a section related to all accessories necessary for the slaughtering process, like guns, spreaders etc.
We offer an extended range of products for the de-boning and meat packaging system. We propose also insulating panels and refrigeration doors for cold room construction, for our clients that want to reach the highest quality for the storage and conservation of all types of food.
Animal Slaughtering systems
We also deal with the production of stainless steel blood tanks, blood processing and coagulation equipments, by-products transport system.

Our offer includes hygiene equipments and washing systems, our work surfaces guarantee hygienic and ergonomic working conditions for the operators inside the slaughterhouses.

Dest Italia deals with the planning, construction and installation of all the slaughtering systems, proposing personalized solutions for every customer that entrusts us.

Choosing us you will have quality and high technology standards, that will ensure your company and the quality of all your products.
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pork slaughtering plant
Cattle meat slaughtering system
Sheep slaughtering systems
Slaughtering and bleeding
Dest Italia follows all the stages of pork, cattle and sheep’s slaughter: both the killing and bleeding delicate phases. To know more about the slaughtering process of each animal you can visit directly the dedicated pages. Our service is complete and well-finished.
Dest Italia follows all the stages of porkcattle and sheep’s slaughtering: the delicate phases of skinning and dehairing. To know more about the slaughtering plant and process of each animal you can visit our dedicated pages. Our service is complete and well-finished.
Working platforms
Dest Italia has a great experience in the production of pig, cattle and sheep slaughter house platforms and conveyor belt systems. Dest Italia produces working platforms for the slaughtering, dressing, evisceration, trimming, veterinary inspection and transfer to rails and chain conveyors. Our service is complete and well-finished.
Highly qualified
Specific stages
Butchering slaughter tools
Aerial conveyors and rails for slaughterhouse
Dest Italia can supply complete slaughtering systems for pork, cattle and sheep. Dest Italia is specialized in motorized rails and conveyors for slaughter and meat processes.
We deal with stainless steel bi-rail, tube monorail, and bleeding machinery.
Accessories for slaughterhouse machinery
Dest Italia proposes all the accessories you need in your slaughterhouse, for deboning and slaughtering of pigs, cattle and sheep.
We deal with accessories like: quartering dissection systems with motorized conveyors, hip detachment systems, pneumatic lowering systems for quarter bags emptying and different working tables. We always reach international standards and certifications.
De-boning and packaging
Our de-boning systems are both vertical and horizontal, you can trust Dest Italia not only for vertical and horizontal system but also for transfer chains, conveyor belts, handling processing lines and highly qualified packaging systems.
Dest Italia chooses APACK as a solution developer for food packaging technology. Every food product is wrapped following the customer's requests, demands and expectations.
Meat storage processing system
Animal blood processing system
Hygiene equipment
Refrigerating rooms
The meat storage is a very delicate stage that cannot be neglected. Our team studies the best solutions with the use of insulating panels and refrigeration doors (with or without rail passage), in order to assure the storage of the meat following all the actual regulation.
Blood and by-products
Dest Italia produces stainless steel tanks for the blood collection and the collection of all blood by-products. We use pneumatic pumps, agitators, sterilizators and many other sophisticated machines.
Ecoblood is the ecologic innovative system used inside many slaughterhouses.
Hygiene equipment
Dest Italia offers extended slaughtering industry equipment, all for sale in Italy and outside of Italy.
We are specialized in changing room equipment, industrial hygiene techniques and all the hygiene accessories you need in a slaughterhouse.
Lockers, benches, stools and a lot more, for very convenient prices. 

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